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Xbox2Discord: How to Forward Audio from Xbox Live to Discord

If you game on PC, you probably have Discord installed to chat with your friends as you game. Discord has relatively decent audio, and it far surpasses the in-game chat capabilities built into most games. When gaming cross-platform, however, you’re stuck either using in-game chat or the tedious Xbox Companion app with limited controls and annoying party configs. This post will show you how to configure a setup to forward audio from an Xbox party directly to Discord, and visa versa....

January 7, 2022 · 3 min · Robert D. White
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How To Do An In-Place Upgrade To Windows Server 2022

I recently had to upgrade two domain controllers to Windows Server 2022. The main controller was still on Windows Server 2016 while the secondary was Windows Server 2019. Both in-place upgrades went without issue. Both servers were running Hyper-V, Bitlocker, and AD Controller. The 2019 server had an SMTP server that it was running, but Microsoft has deprecated the SMTP stack and associated management tools, including the IIS tools. There very well may be other deprecated software or tools, and I highly recommend searching for specific functionality you utilize on your Win Servers before attempting the upgrade....

November 19, 2021 · 3 min · Robert D. White